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TotalBiscuit Covers NS2 – Sales Increase 2600%

TotalBiscuit on YouTube has probably done more for Natural Selection 2 then anyone could imagine. With three videos he managed to increase sales of the beta by 2600% and it shows no sign of slowing down. The huge amount of new players is amazing. I have never seen so many full servers before, and teaching the new players about the game is pretty fun. If you have not checked out NS2 yet, watch some of the videos below:



Marine Commander

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GoldenEye: Source v4.2 Released

The latest version of the excellent GoldenEye: Source mod has been released. This new release adds bots as well as a number of other improvements. The highlights are:

  • BOTS – full featured running on Python AI
  • Team radar colors and standardized blip colors
  • Loading screen images with tips
  • Overhead Team icons
  • Full-screen help display for advanced scenarios
  • Brand new character selection screen
  • Recoded Capture The Key focusing on teamplay
  • New Ourumov model
  • Gamemode customizable weaponset selections
  • Create server menu for easier LAN and single play
  • Python enhanced for custom scripting
  • Over 50 music tracks from 3 talented artists
  • Overhauled Runway, Caverns, Facility, Backzone and classic maps

You can download GoldenEye: Source here.