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5 Days Left For Star Citizen Crowdfunding

There are only 5 days left to help back which looks to be one of the most ambitious games ever. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the return of Chris Roberts, the creator of every good space sim ever. In a world full of watered down console games, its nice to see a developer targeting the PC platform with a game that both looks amazing and offers a ton of complexity. Star Citizen looks to be the ultimate space sim, with both a great sandbox world and a completely optional but interesting campaign. Add in online play with persistence and you have a very compelling package.

I already supported Star Citizen. Take a look at the video below and see if it interests you as well:

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Aliens vs Marines (AVP) In CryEngine 3

The Aliens & AvP franchises has seen many games over the years, including Colonial Marines which is due out in February. However the first game holds a special place in many player’s hearts. I remember the game fondly as the first PC game I ever bought that required a dedicated graphics card, prompting me to make one of my first big purchases: a Voodoo 3 3,000. It was also one of the first games that I ever played online using the Mplayer service. As good as Colonial Marines looks, I am sure there are tons of people that would prefer to have a remake of the original game, and at least one person is (partially) making it happen.

The user “oldschool.Dave” of the forums posted a video of some of the work he has done to re-create the marines campaign from the original 1999 game. He has promised to post some more information later. For now, just check out this awesome video:

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StarForge Lands On IndieGoGo

The incredibly ambitious sci-fi action/constructing game StarForge has appeared on IndieGoGo to look for some funding. I first became aware of this game about 5 months ago, and it already looks like it has improved a ton in that short amount of time. Based on the awesome technology and gameplay ideas shown in their IndieGoGo trailer, I would say these guys deserve the chance to make this game a reality. Check it out below and see if you would be interested in backing them.