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Planetside 2 Videos Video

Planetside 2 Clips 11

I have been working on a bunch of Infiltrator related directives lately, so that’s mostly what you get in this video. So if that’s not your thing, sorry! The next video should be something else since I mostly have those directives completed now, and going for directives is the main thing that has been keeping me playing lately. At least I got this cool helmet now…. it is cool, right?…… right?

Planetside 2 Clips 11

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Digital Foundry Trailer Technical Analysis

Digital Foundry did some technical analysis videos of some of the major trailers from E3. If you are interested in if some of these trailers were real, if we can really expect these visuals, and what techniques were being used, check out the videos below:

Analysis of the Cyperpunk 2077 Trailer

[4K] Cyberpunk 2077: Complete E3 2018 Technical Analysis!

Analysis of the Metro Exodus Trailer

Metro Exodus PC First Look: The 4A Engine Technology Evolved!

Analysis of the Halo Infinite Trailer

[4K] Halo Infinite Trailer Analysis: A True Generational Leap?

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Metro Exodus Trailer

Just checking in with the latest trailer for Metro Exodus. I absolutely love these games (see my review of the original) and have been eagerly waiting for the next one. Unfortunately we are all going to have to wait a bit longer since it was recently delayed until 2019. Still, good things come to those who wait, and Metro Exodus looks very good indeed. Check out the latest trailer from E3 below. Oh, and apparently all footage in this trailer was captured in-game from a single level. Welcome… to the Volga!