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Planetside 2 New Player Videos


I have had to send these to a couple of people, and I always have to go find them again. So here is a post of a lot of good videos for players new to Planetside 2. All of them by Wrel. If you play Planetside 2, go subscribe to his channel. He has tons of content over there, including weapon reviews, montages, loadout reviews, and equipment reviews.

First up is the general overview of the gameplay in Planetside 2. This covers the three factions, how base captures work, and how to join up with other players.

Basic Training – How To Get Started

Basic Training – How to Capture a Base

Basic Training – Squads and Platoons

With the basics out of the way, here is an overview of each of the player classes in the game. Watch them all to get a feel of how they play. I would then suggest new players pick one or two classes to specialize in at first. Personal suggestions are both the Combat Medic and the Heavy assault. Under each video is a link to a certification guide that will suggest how new players should spend their first 1,000 certification points in each class.

Basic Training – Combat Medic Overview

Combat Medic Certs Guide – PlanetSide 2 for New Players

Basic Training – Heavy Assault Overview

Heavy Assault Certs Guide – PlanetSide 2 for New Players

Basic Training – Engineer Overview

Engineer Certs Guide – PlanetSide 2 for New Players

Basic Training – Light Assault Overview

Light Assault Certs Guide – PlanetSide 2 for New Players

Basic Training – Infiltrator Overview

Infiltrator Certs Guide – PlanetSide 2 for New Players

Best Weapon Purchases for New Players

So now we have the basics of the game out of the way and an understanding of each class, its time to get into some of the actual combat mechanics that will make you a better player.

Weapon Handling Basics (PlanetSide 2 for New Players)

Cover to Cover Movement – (Simple Strategy)

Minimizing exposure (Strategy/Technique)

Slicing Corners (Simple Strategy)

Practicing Headshots

Flanking 101 (A Crash Course in Flanking)

Momentum Wins

Spotting Tips and Tricks

Grenade Throwing Tips and Tricks

How to grind Certifications easily in PlanetSide 2

Here are a few vehicle specific videos.

Driving Tips (for beginners AND veterans!)

Tips for Tankers (Beginners)

ESF Basics (Tips and Overview)

How Directional Damage Works