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System Shock 2: The First Encounter


My friend Dylan over at Strike A Pose Films has entered the Gametrailers BOOO-VIE user movie contest with a rather excellent System Shock 2 themed film. I am really impressed how quickly he put this thing together and was able to meet the entry deadline. Lets all hope that he wins!

Based on the cult classic PC game SYSTEM SHOCK 2 by Looking Glass Studios, THE FIRST ENCOUNTER follows an unnamed man, awakened from Cryo-Sleep aboard the Von Braun, an intergalactic starship that has recently approached Tau Ceti V.

Something has gone horribly wrong, as he soon learns. Hauntings, monsters, an insane AI, and a ship that is falling apart at the seams all endanger his life. Each step he takes could be his last!

Capturing the classic horror moments of video games that we all know and love, FIRST ENCOUNTER takes us through long hallways, tight corridors, pits the hero against hideous HYBRID monsters, serves as an unknowing pawn to an overlord presence that only wishes to manipulate the character into his own destruction, and audiologs that let the player in on what terrifying things have happened before. And might happen again.

Visit the official page here.