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Tribes Vengeance: x2 Bonus Pack


The x2 group is proud to present the x2 bonus pack for Tribes: Vengeance. Containing 18 new and “x2-ified” maps with unique custom skies, new textures, immersive ambient fx and swanky particle emitters. The x2 bonus pack was created by A L | E N, Aereogramme, dehav, freddan, Ice, killadee, Malox, schlieperich, turkey and VaLeDiCTioN.

Maps: Cerulean, Crusader, Dangerous Crossing, Endor, Erosion, Foregone, Freefall, Galarid, Giza, Mayata, Minotaur, Parallax, Rort, Rort II, Rort III, Simoom, Track Mayhem, Wonderland

Race Mod: Race around new race maps in the Lamborghini, Jet Bike, Quad Bike and ATV. Race will now show up in your Admin panel under game types and can be voted in. These vehicles aren’t rovers so be sure to read “Vehicle control for Race Mod.txt”.

Spectator Mod: A mutator that completely enhances Spectator Mode. Speed up/slow down the cam with your mousewheel, create and save cam points on any place of the map, lock onto player views, lock onto closest player, see player names, their health and more. A menu will appear when in Spectate mode with a list of keybinds.

T:V Server Query: This application will sit in your system tray and with a click you can see who’s online and on what server, add new servers and remove old ones.

x2 Extreme Skin set: The T:V communities master skin maker Malox creates a supurb Mercury inspired skin set exclusive to the x2 pack.

Also includes:

  • x2 mutator by dehav, schlieperich and turkey. For details check out Basex2.html
  • Net Camera by schlieperich (featured in the map Erosion)
  • New trees and foliage pkg by VaLeDiCTioN
  • Mega texture pkg by killadee
  • x2 emitters pkg
  • x2 ambient pkg
  • RypelCam for T:V


Download “x2 Bonus Pack” TV_x2_bonus_pack.exe – Downloaded 255 times – 274 MB