Battlefield 3 Premium Announced

Well, I am already sold on this. I spent more money on Call of Duty Elite and I have not even touched MW3 since launch. This content looks way better than anything they added to MW3 (new guns and vehicles as well as maps), and it’s for a game that I actually still play.

Key Features

  • All Five Expansion Packs with Early Access
  • Stand out with Exclusive in-game items
  • Powerful New Features
  • Exclusive Online Double XP Events
  • Insider Tactics from DICE

If you are into numbers, all of this comes out to:

  • 20 Maps
  • 20 New Weapons
  • 10+ New Vehicles
  • 4+ New Game Modes
  • 30+ Assignments
  • 20+ Dog Tags

For a more detailed breakdown of what else is included, check out this page.

Hard Drive Died

One of my hard drives that I use to store games has died. I assume that was the drive’s way of protesting Max Payne 3’s file size. So it looks like I will be ordering a new one to replace it. Too bad Hard Drive prices are stil inflated for no reason. At least my other 4 drives are working fine.

Max Payne 3 File Size Award

Congratulations to Max Payne 3 for dethroning Star Wars: The Force Unleased in the category of games with extremely large file sizes for no apparent reason. I was hoping to get in some gameplay time with it tonight but it looks like its not going to happen at this point. The download size off of Steam is just a little bit short of 30GB. Just to put how absurd that is in perspective, a game like Skyrim is around 6GB and my entire World of Warcraft folder (expansions and all) is 23GB.

The Humble Indie Bundle V

The Humble Indie Bundle V is out today, and I already picked up my copy. This is easily their best one yet, with Bastion, Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. I already had copies of Psychonauts and Amnesia (both amazing games), but the bundle was still worth it to get Bastion and Limbo. Make sure you take advantage of this.

Tribes Ascend Double XP Weekend & 250 Gold Free

Tribes Ascend is currently running a double XP event for all servers worldwide. Those playing Tribes: Ascend on any existing public or custom server from Friday, May 25th at 10:00am U.S. EST through Tuesday, May 29th at 10am U.S. EST will receive twice the base experience per match. This is a great time for new players to see what Ascend is all about.


  • All players are eligible for the Double XP event whether or not they are fans of the Tribes: Ascend Facebook page
  • The promotion applies only to base XP. It does not apply to other XP sources such as Accolades or First Win of The Day.
  • The promotion applies to public servers and custom servers that exist as of Friday, May 25th at 10:00am U.S. EST. The promotion does not apply to any Custom Server created or made active after the start of the event.
  • Players with VIP status and/or an active XP boosts will receive those bonuses in addition to the double XP.

In addition, if you like Tribes Ascend on Facebook you can get 250 Gold.

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