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GoldenEye: Source v4.2 Released

The latest version of the excellent GoldenEye: Source mod has been released. This new release adds bots as well as a number of other improvements. The highlights are:

  • BOTS – full featured running on Python AI
  • Team radar colors and standardized blip colors
  • Loading screen images with tips
  • Overhead Team icons
  • Full-screen help display for advanced scenarios
  • Brand new character selection screen
  • Recoded Capture The Key focusing on teamplay
  • New Ourumov model
  • Gamemode customizable weaponset selections
  • Create server menu for easier LAN and single play
  • Python enhanced for custom scripting
  • Over 50 music tracks from 3 talented artists
  • Overhauled Runway, Caverns, Facility, Backzone and classic maps

You can download GoldenEye: Source here.

John Carmack’s Quakecon 2012 Keynote

John Carmack delivers his keynote at QuakeCon 2012.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer

Check out the premiere trailer showcasing the snow-capped Alborz Mountain as well as the open terrain found in the Bandar Desert, the largest map in Battlefield history.

Coming this September, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is the next digital expansion pack in the Battlefield 3 series and introduces a host of exclusive in-game content, new vehicles, assignments and more.

Taking vehicular mayhem to the next level as only Battlefield can, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill features 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tanks, ATV’s complete with over 20 vehicle specific unlocks. Players will also have the ability to spawn in the all-new gunship and rain death from above.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill also introduces a brand new mode to the Battlefield franchise, Tank Superiority, where heavy vehicles clash in order to control key areas of the map.

Get System Shock 2 Working & Looking Great

*** If you are running the Steam or Good Old Games release of System Shock 2, download and run the System Shock 2 Mod Pack instead. ***

Every once in a while I run into someone who would like to go back and play System Shock 2. The problem is that out of the box the game will not run on anything remotely modern. The game used to be a a giant pain to get working, but thanks to the efforts of Kolya, we now have a single tool to run that fixes just about every issue the game had with running on modern computers. There are also a lot of great mods out there that make the game look fantastic.

Here are the steps I would suggest to get System Shock 2 working:

Installation & Getting mod ready

  • To install the game just copy the “shock” folder from the CD to your computer. (80 characters maximum path length. On Vista & Win7 do not copy to Program Files.)
  • Install the SS2Tool but uncheck “Bug Fixes” as none of them are needed anymore.
  • Extract System Shock 2 Patch to your desktop.
  • Extract and into your game folder.
  • Install the SS2 Modmanager

Installing Mods

Installing the mods is easy using the mod manager.

  • Add your downloaded mods via the File menu.
  • Select the mod in the Mod List.
  • Click the Activate-button.
  • Start the game.

Download Mods

Shock Texture Upgrades

SHTUP is a mod for System Shock 2 which aims to increase the resolution of all the common (and quite a few of the not-so-common) object textures. A secondary objective of the mod is to correct all other graphical glitches, such as typos, continuity errors, texture alignment errors, and so on. All of this is to be done while sticking as closely as possible to the original art style.

Tacticool Weapon Replacements

These are replacement weapon models for System Shock 2 made by Mercurius.

Eldron Psi Amp

A much improved Psi Amp and hand model by Eldron.


A special thanks to, the source for most of the information found here.


BF3 In Depth – Attachments

Drift0r from YouTube goes into depth on the various weapon attachments in Battlefield 3. There is some good information in here that everyone should be aware of. I know I will be switching up my kits a bit as a result of his findings. For example, it looks like the foregrip is coming off a lot of my weapons.



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