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Lawbreakers Released

It looks like Lawbreakers is out a day early on PC! I played a bunch of the beta and really enjoyed it. The game is basically Unreal Tournament mixed with Overwatch. If you like fast paced arena shooters you need to check it out. Plus its only $30! Not one of those full priced multiplayer only rip-offs.

Bring your skills and get ready to deliver death from every angle as you compete in unprecedented gravity-defying combat in LawBreakers, the new first-person shooter from legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski and the Boss Key Productions team.

LawBreakers | Skilled AF

Check out some of the role videos below:

Vanguard Role

LawBreakers | Vanguard Role Analysis

Wraith Role

LawBreakers | Wraith Role Analysis

Juggernaut Role

LawBreakers | Juggernaut Role Analysis

Titan Role

LawBreakers | Titan Role Analysis

Battle Medic

LawBreakers | Battle Medic Role Analysis

Gunslinger Role

LawBreakers | Gunslinger Role Analysis

Assassins Role

LawBreakers | Assassin Role Analysis

Harrier Role

LawBreakers | Harrier Role Analysis

Enforcer Role

LawBreakers | Enforcer Role Analysis