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Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox 360


Battlefield 4 Beta footage on Xbox 360. This game looks absolutely terrible on the console. Horrible low resolution texture quality, tons of pop-in, and enough aliasing on everything to give me a minor headache. At least the frame rate seems reasonably stable. Still, avoid at all costs if you can and sick to the PC if you can.

Battlefield 4 Beta Released

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The Battlefield 4 beta is now out for everyone. Since it is a beta, it is a bit buggy and has some performance issues, but I am still finding it a lot of fun. Check out the video below which was recorded as some of my friends and I played for the first time. Hopefully the final release performs a bit better, as I don’t really feel like upgrading my CPU again.

If it looks like fun, you can download the beta here. Then check out this video below while it downloads to learn about what is available in the beta.

Gabe Newell at LinuxCon 2013

Some good information in this one. Gabe believes that Linux is the future of gaming, and that we should expect to see new hardware (steam box) coming soon.

Natural Selection 2 is Reinforced


In February, NS2 was Gorgeous. Now, it is Reinforced. The culmination of nearly six months of development, Reinforced takes Natural Selection 2 to new height. Here is the launch trailer:

Female Marines. Cluster Grenades. Bone shield. Webs. Dual Railguns. Linux Support. Single Player Interactive Tutorial, Commander Tutorial, Special/Deluxe/Standard first person view models – Those are just some of the pieces of content released today.

They also released the new map Biodome:

Here is the changelog:

Battlefield 4 Videos


A couple of Battlefield 4 videos came out of Gamescom this year, and I have to say that they all look pretty good. If you missed any of them, you can check out the videos below:

Battlefield 4: Official “Paracel Storm” Multiplayer Trailer


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