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Half-Life 2: Episode 3’s Story Released By Marc Laidlaw

Marc Laidlaw has posted “Epistle 3” to his personal website.

After changing a few names and words around, we get what appears to be an outline for Episode 3. Here is a list of swaps:

  • “Playa” : “Player”
  • “Gertie Fremont” : “Gordon Freeman”
  • “Gertrude Fremont” : “Gordon Freeman”
  • “Hyperborea” : “Borealis”
  • “Mrs. X” : “G-Man”
  • “Disparate” : “Combine”
  • “Jerry Maas” : “Judith Mossman”
  • “Alex Vaunt” : “Alyx Vance”
  • “Ghastlyhaunts” : “Vortigaunts”
  • “Elly Vaunt” : “Eli Vance”
  • “Tocsin Island” : “Aperture Science”

And here is the post with those swapped:

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Goodbye Flash Video

Over the past few months I have been making some improvements to the website. The first update was a new responsive theme that works better on mobile devices. The second update was upgrading to PHP7 and configuring SSL. Now, I have gone back through years of posts and replaced (almost) all of the Flash video content with a HTML5 video player. A lot of the videos were already in a supported format, so the flash based video player was just swapped out. Other videos were replaced with Youtube embeds, while others were re-encoded and re-uploaded. The main goal for this was to get the site fully functional on mobile, plus Adobe is ending Flash support in 2020. Please let me know if you run into any issues.