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Halo Reach Stat Sigs

I have decided to put the Reach Stats App on hold for a bit while I work on developing stat signatures for Halo Reach. This is something I was personally looking for, and no one seemed to offer it. After a few hours this afternoon, I have a basic framework for generating stat signatures up and running.

My signature:

This is still very much a work in progress. There are a number of things I would like to add, and I am waiting on Bungie to release a graphics library they have promised. However so far things are going well. There is no web interface yet, and I have not determined if this is something I would even want to open to the public or not. That being said, if this is something that interests you, post your Gamertag and I will add it to the list of sigs to generate. I could use a few more to test with at this point. I make no promises on how often I will have the update though. Eventually I would like to get these updating at least once a day.

All suggestions on how to improve the signatures are welcome. Just keep in mind that at this point I am more concerned with pulling the stats and rendering the images them I am with how pretty they look. Things like random background images are totally possible, but not a priority at the moment.

Some other signatures I have generated:

Watch for more.

Edit: The website was taken down when Bungie took down the stats API. I uploaded a few static examples of what the stat signatures looked like. Here is what the site looked like: