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Goodbye Xbox 360 (Again)

Well I have decided to send the console back. In addition to the DVD drive concerns I detailed in my last post I have had another issue since then. At one point I turned on the console and got a distorted picture on my TV (the image took up only half of the screen and was all warped with lines going though it). I turned the console on and off something like three times but kept getting a distorted startup animation and dashboard. I unplugged the console and plugged it back in and it seems to work now, but that left me real uneasy about the quality of the one I got back from them. So I have decided to send the console back again to have them take a look at it. The last thing I want is for something like the DVD drive to break after the 90 day repair warranty is up. I sent them a console with a DVD drive in perfect working order; it’s only fair the one I get back has the same.