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Tribes 2

So, I have recently re-installed Tribes 2. Yesterday I played a nice PUG with a bunch of other players. There were two captains that picked their team members and then the two teams went at it for about an hour. It was a pretty awesome map. I played defense most of the time, only going offense to return flags. I got quite a few nice flag returns on that one. Anyway, if you have Tribes 2 and would like to play, let me know.

If you have never seen a Tribes 2 match (or any Tribes match), you are missing out. They are pretty fun to watch compared to most games. Lots of stuff going on at any moment in a Tribes match. If you want to check one out you can download it here. It isn’t a particularly great match. Two mediocre teams battling for an uneventful rung, but interesting none the less. Should be entertaining to anyone who has never watched a Tribes match before.