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Good news for Bethesda

1.7 million copies of Oblivion have shipped since March 20th. This is great news for Bethesda. For the past few weeks Oblivion has held the #2 spot for the most played Xbox live games. The list includes all Xbox 360 games and all live enabled Xbox games. That’s pretty amazing for a single player only game. The top spot is of course held by Halo 2, but when you consider how many Xbox 360s are out there compared to the number of original Xbox consoles as well as how many copies were sold of Halo 2, that’s not surprising. Expect to see Oblivion stay in that top 10 list for a good while, that game has a lot of content.

Here is the top 10 Xbox live games for this week:

  1. Halo 2
  2. Oblivion
  3. Ghost Recon 3
  4. Call of Duty 2
  5. BFMC (Original Xbox)
  6. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3
  7. PGR3
  8. Perfect Dark Zero
  10. Battlefield 2: MC Demo