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PlanetSide Reserves

So the reserves program is live now. You can now play for free for 12 months while the program runs. Of course you are limited in battle rank, but the game can still be a lot of fun at low levels. Here is how to join up.

The digital download version of PlanetSide is offered as a large single .zip file. It is recommended that WinZIP 8.1 or higher is used in unzipping the PlanetSide files. Please follow the directions below on how to download PlanetSide and begin the installation.

NOTE: Some downloads may be quite large and take significant time to save/download. These instructions are based on the assumption that the WinZIP application is already installed on your computer. (Left click this file or follow the below instructions to download the file)


  1. Right-click on the file.
  2. Select “Save Target As”, “Save Link to Disk”, or “Save Link Target As” (depending on your browser)
  3. Select the appropriate destination on your hard drive.
  4. Once the file download has completed, right-click on the icon.
  5. Scroll down the menu to the “WinZip” option. (A new menu will be expanded from the WinZip menu item.)
  6. Select “Extract to folder” and have WinZip extract the zip file to your current folder.

Now that you’ve downloaded:

  1. Double-click the Setup.exe file located in the psreserves folder you just extracted
  2. Click Next on the Welcome page
  3. Click Next on the Anti-Virus warning
  4. Agree to the license, then click Next
  5. Choose the location you want the game to be installed in, then click Next.
  6. When the installer is finished, click Next, and then Finish.
  7. DirectX 9.0c is needed to play PlanetSide. Please go to Microsoft’s DirectX download page, download the package there and install it.
  8. Reboot if prompted.

PlanetSide is now installed on your computer! Now you just need to set up your account.

  1. Double-click the PlanetSide shortcut on the desktop
  2. If you don’t have an existing Station Account, click Create a New Account
  3. Enter the required information, remembering to mark the checkbox acknowledging that you agree to the Terms of Service, then click on the Submit button
  4. Congratulations, you now have a Station Account and your account is now activated.
  5. Close Browser window and Log into the PlanetSide LaunchPad to play.