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Free Newegg Stuff

So I decided to go write a testimonial for newegg, seeing as their site is amazing and I buy everything there. Anyways, I ended up getting a free T-Shirt with the newegg logo and license plate cover that reads “I’d rather be pimpin’ my pc” with the newegg logo. I won’t use either of them, but hey, it was free.


If you want some free junk, this is what you do:

You need a newegg.com account (which is free).

1. Log in.
2. Go here… Here.
3. Write a positive testimonial. (make sure you’re logged in) The link is DIRECTLY above the first testimonial.
4. Click “Submit”
5. Wait for free stuff

You may not get a message saying that they’re sending you a free gift, but just be patient and it should arrive at your door.