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Happy Nickelodeon Day


What, you thought it was April Fools’ Day? Well… it is, but it’s also the 37th birthday of Nickelodeon, which launched on April 1, 1979. Tons of great memories watching their shows growing up. The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Clarissa Explains It AllThe Ren & Stimpy ShowAll ThatDouble DareWhat Would You Do?Nick ArcadeLegends of the Hidden Temple, Rocko’s Modern Life, Doug, Hey Arnold!Nickelodeon Guts to name a few.

If you want to relive some of your late 80s and early 90s memories, visit NReboot where they broadcast old Nickelodeon shows.

Also, Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age is a pretty decent read even though I am not a fan of the oral history format. It can be a bit hard to follow at times as topics change without warning. Still, there are some interesting stories in there.

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My Firearms

So I have gotten into firearms over the past two years thanks to a few of my co-workers. I used to have no real interest in shooting or owning guns, but after going out to the shooting range a few times with them I got hooked. Its a pretty fun hobby, although it can be expensive.

Here are some of the guns I have been able to shoot recently:

So of course I ended up wanting to buy some guns of my own. First up was my own Mossberg 500. I was considering a Remington 870, but I just liked the feel of the Mossberg more. Plus, modern day Remington has a bit of a reputation problem. Most things I have read say to stay away from them.

Mossberg 500 Persuader
Mossberg 500 Persuader

I decided to make a few modifications to it. I tired to stay practical and avoid going overboard. I added a heat shield, side saddle, and adjustable stock. All of them from ATI:

Next up I wanted to buy a pistol but was not entirely sure what I should buy. I did a bunch of research and narrowed my choices down to an XDM 9 or a Glock 19 Gen 4. After talking to a friend of mine, he convinced me to check out the XDM in .40 S&W. So I headed out to the range, rented one for evaluation, and loved it.

The Rented XDM 40
XDM .40 S&W & High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22LR

I ended up buying the XDM 4.5″ Full Size .40SW . On the front rail I mounted a Streamlight TLR-2 HL.

I went to the range to break in the XDM and found a pretty reasonable price on a SCAR 16s. This has been on my list of firearms to buy since I tried my friend’s, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy one. I briefly considered getting the SCAR 17, but looked up ammo prices and decided against it.

For my most recent purchase I wanted to get a .22LR handgun. I enjoy shooting the XDM and the SCAR, but the price of ammo can add up pretty quickly. I have also been going to the range with a lot of new shooters recently, so I wanted a .22 that I could use to introduce them to shooting since the recoil on the XDM can be a bit intimidating. I ended up going with the Ruger SR22. I considered the Walther P22, but it looked like it was a bit picky about ammo, and I prefer the American controls on the Ruger.

Ruger SR22
Ruger SR22

New Web Host Coming

Earlier this week I started the process of transferring to a new web host. The company I am currently using has fairly poor customer service, often tries to bill me for service I don’t want, and was the target of a fairly long DDoS a few days ago which took the site down for a while. I have transferred all the files and databases over to my new host, and am just waiting for my current host to release the domain names to be transferred. This should happen sometime tomorrow. There should not be much down time, but if there is I apologize in advance.

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Irrational Interviews

Irrational Games has a launched a new podcast series called Irrational Interviews. Irrational Interviews features Ken Levine and Shawn Elliott sitting down with members of the entertainment industry and having a frank and open discussion on a wide variety of topics. For the pilot episode they are interviewing Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Game Director from Bethesda Softworks. Howard has been at Bethesda since 1994, with countless classics under his belt including The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and most recently Fallout 3. Howard is well known for his sense of humor and his drive to make great games.

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