HTPC Upgrade 2019

This has been long overdue. I originally built my HTPC back in 2015 from parts left over after I upgraded my gaming PC. So it was basically put together from PC hardware that came out in 2012. At some point in late 2016 I got an Oculus Rift, so I put a Radeon RX 480 in there so I could play in a room with more space to move around. It has been more or less OK since then, but I would have occasional performance issues with some VR games, particularly occasional stutters and loss of tracking while playing Beat Saber. So with the release of the RYZEN 5 3600 for only $200 I thought it was a good time to ditch that old i5-3570K.

Here are the new specs of the HTPC/VR PC:

So far I am pretty pleased with it. It plays all the VR games I am currently into great and the issues with Beat Saber are gone.



System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

Best. Day. Ever.

It looks like its getting ported to the KEX engine. From this interview

Kick said that they’ll “do something similar to what we did with the first System Shock”, keeping the original version available with Le Corbeau’s patch, while releasing a new version of the game with their KEX Engine. “Our current plans are to create an Enhanced Edition with a number of improvements, the most important being a working, stable co-op multiplayer experience,” he said.

This follows the previous games they ported to KEX including Turok, Turok 2, Forsaken, and System Shock. Those were all pretty great, so I am hopeful this will be as well.

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PUBG Erangel Update

I am really digging the new update. The best map in the game gets even better with the addition of a few new locations and a ton of updated art/props. The balance changes are not bad either. SMGs and Rifles seem in a good place now with their respective buffs and nerfs (patch notes are here). Its been a while since I found myself enjoying PUBG, but the last few times I logged in I genuinely had a good time.