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H1Z1 Combat Zone Update

The November game update for H1Z1 has been released. There is a lot of content in this update, but as a new player I am very excited for the Combat Zone. Combat Zone is a deathmatch style game mode that takes place on a smaller and more intimate map. You spawn in with weapons, and can respawn when you die. This is great for us new folks, as it gives us a good opportunity to practice using the guns.

The shooting in H1Z1 is pretty unique, and with high damage guns you can die before you know what hit you. The number one thing I need to work on is my aim with the AR, and to practice those headshots. Playing solos was just not getting enough combat practice in, as I was spending more time waiting for rounds to start then actually fighting. I played Combat Zone this afternoon for about half an hour, and I can tell that this will help me improve as a player much faster. My only suggestion is that they need to lower the player count for this mode. It was hard to get into a 1 on 1 fight with someone without being 3rd partied.

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Arizona Sunshine

There are a lot of Virtual Reality shooting games out right now. Most of those games can be best described as tech demos. It would be a little unfair to label Arizona Sunshine the same way, but I also wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “full game” either. The game features a campaign, which can be played solo or co-op, as well as a multiplayer waved based survival mode. The campaign itself is somewhat short. Most people will probably be able to finish it in around four to five hours, but it is the shooting mechanics and the variety of scenarios presented that make this game worthwhile.

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Firefox 57 Released

Firefox 57 has been released! Included in this release is a new UI and Quantum CSS. This is the first part of a major rewrite of many of the browser’s components using the programming language Rust. The overall effort is called Project Quantum, and the goal is to make the web browser do more work in parallel, making better use of modern multi-core processors. I have to say the results so far are pretty significant. The browser is a whole lot faster then it used to be.

If you already have Firefox installed, it should automatically update soon. If you do not already have it, you can download the new Firefox here.