Visiting Old Games

Well now that I have gotten all my new games out of the way (Quake 4, Fear, Call of Duty 2) I am going to go back and play one of my favorite pc games. No, its not System Shock 2, thats a good guess though. I am actually talking about Freelancer. Its hard to describe the game, but I feel its one of the best space game ever created. I guess the easiest way to describe it is to say its a sort of Grand Theft Auto in space, but thats not exactly true. Here are some quotes from a review of the game:

Think of Freelancer as Privateer 3, with hints of Diablo and Morrowind. You take on combat-intensive missions for money, buy and sell commodities for extra profit, and use the money to buy better ships and equipment. Freelancer tracks who you attack and who you help, which determines your reputation among the 50 different factions. Your reputation dictates who helps you, where you can land, and who tries to kill you.

Freelancer is rife with little details that flesh out the “living universe.” Pilots here are the most talkative bunch in any space sim; they’re constantly yammering about who they’re fighting, what they’re shipping, or why they need help. While you can’t hear anyone scream, you can certainly hear everyone chatter. Luxury food and alien organisms are perishable cargo, and decay much faster if you foolishly travel through a radioactive nebula. A derelict ship hauling cargo from a military research station might carry experimental weapons not sold in normal retail outlets. In multiplayer, I saw fellow editors use different docking bays in the same station when we all landed simultaneously.

Exploration is encouraged, and is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the game. Playing the story, I went through 30 (out of 48) systems in a little more than 25 hours, with my pilot hitting Level 18 out of 40. I only flew a handful of ships, and some ships I’ve never seen before were on sale at certain dealers. One time, I found myself in a heavily trafficked system through which all the shipping companies ferry, and I decided to become a pirate and raid all the freighters there (free tip: It’s the Galileo system in between Libertania and Kusari space).

Not only is the universe great and fun to explore but the story is great as well. You wont believe all the things that will happen, all the places you will go and all the things you will see and do. Its probably one of the best single player games I have played in years.

Games 2

Addicted Again

God, why did I have to go and subscribe to world of warcraft again? Why didn’t I just wait two more weeks do be done with exams and projects? Its because I can hear the game calling to me in my sleep. Well, not really but it is the best MMO ever created. Ever. If you have yet to experience world of warcraft its about time you do. Run on over and grab the free trial and meet me in Dalaran on the Alliance side but before you do, say goodbye to your loved ones, they wont be seeing you for a long time.

Not convinced? Check out this video review. You owe it to yourself to at least check this game out.

And now for some screens of where I currently am in the game:

Games 1

Illinois game ban ruled unconstitutional

Finally some good news regarding video games legislation. According to CNN, a federal judge in Illinois ruled that a law there that puts restrictions on the sale of violent and sexually explicit video games to minors is unconstitutional. The state is now barred from enforcing the law. State officials “have come nowhere near” demonstrating that the law passes constitutional muster, according to the judge. He said the law would interfere with the First Amendment and there wasn’t a compelling enough reason, such as preventing imminent violence, to allow that. “In this country, the state lacks the authority to ban protected speech on the ground that it affects the listener’s or observer’s thoughts and attitudes,” the judge wrote.


Call of Duty 2 Finished

This game is the most intense first person shooter I have ever played. Huge epic battles are what this game is about. Great AI, tons of NPCs on the screen at once, huge environments, everything is done amazingly well on a huge scale. And the mission design is great. There are so many different things you do in this game its crazy. If you like first person shooters at all, pick up this game. Even if you are tired of world war II games (or just don’t care for them that much) you really need to play this game.