Xbox 360, Where Are You?

It sucks having the money for one and not being able to buy one. Then again, I am good at waiting and there are a lot of good PC games out at the moment. Not to mention all of my xbox games that I have yet to finish. In some ways, I am not ready for a new console.


Judge blocks California game law

Schwarzenegger-signed age-restriction measure slapped with injunction; ESA and IEMA elated.

In November, a judge ruled a Michigan law banning the sale of mature-rated games to minors as unconstitutional, preventing it from going into effect. Three weeks ago, a similar fate befell an Illinois measure that would have placed similar restrictions on games.

Late yesterday, a California judge issued a ruling that prevented that state’s own game-restriction law from going into effect. In the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Judge Ronald Whyte slapped a preliminary injunction on a law signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself the star of several games, last month.

In his ruling, Judge Whyte wrote that “games are protected by the First Amendment”–worthy of the same protection of free expression as books, films, television, or the press. He granted the preliminary injunction on the grounds that the terms of the law, which would include mandatory labeling of games deemed unsuitable for minors, would “likely” be ruled unconstitutional. The law was slated to go into effect on January 1, 2006.

The motion for the injunction was requested by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) game-industry lobby and Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA), a game-retailer trade association.

“We are extremely pleased by today’s announcement,” said ESA President Doug Lowenstein. “For the sixth time in five years, federal courts have now blocked or struck down these state and local laws seeking to regulate the sale of games to minors based on their content, and none have upheld such statutes.”

Hal Halpin, president of the IEMA, was a bit sterner in his response. “Our position has been, and shall remain, that government should not be involving itself in the entertainment decisions that consumers make,” he said in his own statement. “It is unfortunate that politicians have chosen not to respect the will of the courts and of the people, and it is our continued hope that they will now, given the extraordinary amount of precedent, choose to instead work proactively with us.”

As of press time, neither Assemblyman Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), author of the California law, nor Governor Schwarzenegger had commented on the ruling.

By Tor Thorsen — GameSpot


Buck up or shut the f*** up!

Seriously. I am tired of reading people complain about their outdated junk. I hate people that feel like the whole world should be held back for them because they are too cheap to keep updated. These are the same people that make me install games over 4 cd discs. Everyone that doesn’t have a dvd drive needs to go out and buy a $25 dvd drive. Give game manufacturers a reason to start putting EVERY game on dvds now.

Then there are the people that ask for help in forums and get mad at you when you tell them they are SOL. They are like “I need a new graphics card. I want to run Quake 4, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life 2 on high settings and I don’t want to spend more then $200”. I tell them thats just not going to happen for $200 and they get all mad. Honestly, what the hell do they expect. Maybe they are just clueless, but if thats the case, how about doing at least a little research for yourself before coming to a forum and asking people for help.



Well I was extremely bored today so I decided to reinstall some of my programming stuff. Decided to make a program that I can use to launch various programs. Mainly because my tribes config requires me to first run hudbot.exe before launching tribes and I wanted to be able to load both with the click of one button. Anyways, I ended up adding a few more programs to it, helps keep my desktop free of a lot of icons.

This is the very first version of it (I worked on it a whole 10 minutes). Eventually I will add icons and other graphics to make it much “sexier”.


Best $50 spent

After giving it much thought, Starsiege: Tribes is definitely the best $50 I have ever spent on a game. Its six years old and I am still playing it. I got $50 worth of entertainment out of that one.