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Planetside 2 New Player Videos


I have had to send these to a couple of people, and I always have to go find them again. So here is a post of a lot of good videos for players new to Planetside 2. All of them by Wrel. If you play Planetside 2, go subscribe to his channel. He has tons of content over there, including weapon reviews, montages, loadout reviews, and equipment reviews.

First up is the general overview of the gameplay in Planetside 2. This covers the three factions, how base captures work, and how to join up with other players.

Basic Training – How To Get Started

Basic Training – How to Capture a Base

Basic Training – Squads and Platoons

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System Shock 1 Remastered Pre-Alpha Gameplay


Oh. My. God. This is how you remaster a game the right way. I know its only a teaser, but it looks like they are doing everything right. The gameplay looks completely intact from the original. Everything from level layout, item placement, enemies & weapons looks to be perfect. Its like they somehow magically took the game, stuck it in a modern engine, updated the UI and art assets, made some tweaks here and there and called it day. I was pretty skeptical before that they could pull of a proper remaster of this game but now I am super excited for it. For more detail, check out the Polygon Article.

Now they just have to do the same for System Shock 2. C’mon Night Dive Studios, you can put a price tag of $1,000 on it and I will still buy it.

For those of you that can’t wait until 2017 for this, there is an enhanced edition of the original out on Steam.

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Gaming PC Build Feb 2016


Similar to before, I build another pc for a co-worker. This time the budget was around $2,000 with the goal to build a small and reasonably quit gaming rig. Overall it came out pretty nice. We came in right at $2k with the following parts:

The only challenge of the build was just the small size of the case. We got everything to fit, but if I were to do it again I would get a slightly shorter length power supply. The Corsair site lists that it supports power supplies up to 160mm so that is what we got, but there was very little clearance between the end of the power supply and the drive cages. All the cables are basically bent at 90 degrees in order to get around it. Other then that its a pretty nice case.