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System Shock vs System Shock Remastered: What’s Different?


The original System Shock is getting remastered and Jean-Luc compares the Kickstarter demo to the original game to see what’s changed.

System Shock Kickstarter


The System Shock Kickstarter is now live. System Shock is a complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. If you missed the initial teaser video, go fill yourself in. Now go give the demo a try and then give them all of your money. That is all, thanks.

Midair Kickstarter


Heads up Tribes fans, the Midair Kickstarter campaign is live. Midair is an extremely fast paced first-person shooter from Archetype Studios. The game features high-flying freedom of movement, physics-based weaponry, and player choice. Fans of FPS-Z games will feel right at home, while players new to the genre will experience a challenge that breaks the mold of traditional mass-produced shooters.

Overwatch Open Beta Out


Just a PSA that the Overwatch Open Beta is now available. Get access over here.

Planetside 2 Construction Update Live


They have finally released the biggest content update to Planetside 2 in over a year. The new construction update allows for player built bases. This introduces a new way to earn victory points and a whole new meta to build strategies around. There are other great things in the update as well including the much needed revamp of the continent Indar and the NS-20 Gorgon Max Weapon. If you stopped playing (or never started), now is a great time to come back. New players should check out these videos to get a head start.

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