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Tribes 2

So, I have recently re-installed Tribes 2. Yesterday I played a nice PUG with a bunch of other players. There were two captains that picked their team members and then the two teams went at it for about an hour. It was a pretty awesome map. I played defense most of the time, only going offense to return flags. I got quite a few nice flag returns on that one. Anyway, if you have Tribes 2 and would like to play, let me know.

If you have never seen a Tribes 2 match (or any Tribes match), you are missing out. They are pretty fun to watch compared to most games. Lots of stuff going on at any moment in a Tribes match. If you want to check one out you can download it here. It isn’t a particularly great match. Two mediocre teams battling for an uneventful rung, but interesting none the less. Should be entertaining to anyone who has never watched a Tribes match before.

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Futuristic Sex Robotz

Founded by Coaxke and PC Speaker during a Keystone Ice induced drunken haze in late 2004, Futuristic Sex Robotz is the one and only Gangster Nerd Rap group. Futuristic Sex Robotz dishes out the cold, hard truth with skill and creativity unlike anything the internet has seen before.

Available for download at no charge, “Hotel Coral Essex” is Futuristic Sex Robotz’s full-length Gangster Nerd Rap masterpiece. Covering topics such as LiveJournal, World of Warcraft, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Trusted Computing, respect is given to those who are deserving, while mercy is denied from those who offend our ears or threaten our technological freedom.

There is only Futuristic Sex Robotz. Accept no substitute.

Coaxke and PC Speaker were recently on a UK radio station where they played their single about the movie “Snakes on a Plane”. It was pretty good, and you can check it out here.

They also create a Halo 2 rap a while back. If you have not seen it yet, you can watch it below.

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John Carmack on Quake Wars, Mega Texture, and Xbox 360 vs PS3

I am a big fan of John Carmack (read Masters of Doom). At E3 this year he sat down for an interview on G4. The interviewer was pissing me off though. If the interviewer didn’t control the conversation, Carmack could have talked for hours about mega texture and the inner workings of the PS3 architecture. It just feels like he wants to go more in-depth, but the intelligence of the audience around him and the interviewer are keeping him locked down. I guess programmer speak is not what they were looking for, but I wanted to hear it.