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The Humble Origin Bundle

It has been a while since I last posted about a Humble Bundle. Most people know about them by now, so I figured why bother. However, the latest one is such a great deal that I felt the need to post about it. Its also worth mentioning that while it is called the Origin Bundle, they do provide Steam keys for Dead Space, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, and Mirrors Edge. Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, and Sims 3 is Origin only.

X-Rebirth Looks Great


While Chris Roberts and his team are plugging away on Star Citizen, I have been looking for something to satisfy my space sim desires. After a long time waiting, we finally have a release date for the next X game: November 15th. I played some of the previous games in the series and really enjoyed them, but it looks like they are taking the world to a whole new level now. Check out the gameplay video below to see how things will be even better this time around:

Ender’s Game Trailer 2


It is still looking pretty awesome. I have high hopes for this movie.

John Carmack’s Quakecon 2013 Keynote

John Carmack delivers his keynote at QuakeCon 2013. An very interesting keynote as always.

Planetside 2 – Hossin Continent Trailer

Back in Planetside 1, Hossin was my favorite place to go. It was a lush, temperate continent with low-lying hills and boggy swamps that provided tons of opportunities for infantry to get an advantage over the heavier vehicles. It looks like the remake is staying pretty faithful to the themes of the original.

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