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Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1


The first full trailer for the live action Ghost in the Shell Movie is out, and it looks pretty good. I am not sure how faithful they are going to be to the source material, but they certainly nailed the visuals.

The Ghost in the Shell universe is pretty large, which can make getting into it a bit intimidating for newcomers. Here is a video to help you make sense of the franchise. If you are looking for a simple recommendation on how to get started, I would suggest first viewing the original 1995 movie as an introduction, then moving into the 2002 TV series Stand Alone Complex. Both are separate though, and could be viewed in the opposite order.

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“Ghost in the Shell” Teaser Trailer


I was initially kinda down on the live action Ghost in the Shell movie. The 2002 anime tv series is one of my favorites, and I did not really see how they were going to be able to do it justice. The new teaser trailer gives me a little bit of hope that this could actually be good. It seems like they nailed the atmosphere. Lets hope they get the rest of it right.

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‘Minecraft: The Story of Mojang’ is now free to watch

Well this was an cool coincidence. I just mentioned the Minecraft Documentary two days ago, and now it is available for free on YouTube. The documentary was Produced by 2 Player Productions and funded by Kickstarter. I first watched it when it was shown for free on Xbox Live, but have since purchased it to support them. It is a pretty great documentary that is on par with Indie Game: The Movie, although maybe not as entertaining as The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Although Markus Persson is about 100x more likeable then Billy Mitchell.