Media PC Build May 2021

Back in 2013 I did a PC build for a friend that needed a video editing / gaming pc. We must have done something right because years later it was still being used mostly unchanged. The only major things upgraded/replaced over the years was a new CPU cooler and a new GPU. 8 years is an eternity in the PC Hardware World though, and the new AMD Ryzen 5950 is just too awesome to ignore. So my friend decided that yes, it was in fact time to upgrade that old PC.

We reused a number of components from the old PC: Hard Drives, Power Supply, CPU Cooler, and GPU. We could have re-used the old case, but it was not holding up all that great. I had a Define R5 I wasn’t using, so it got donated to the new build. The Define R5 is actually a pretty good choice for this build with all of the mounting options it has for hard drives.

The only new components purchased for this build were: Processor, Motherboard, RAM, NVMe SSD

Full specs are now: