Spec Ops: The Line Missing Text Issue Solved

A while back I was playing Spec Ops: The Line when the game crashed. Upon starting the game back up I was greeted by missing and placeholder text. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling was (surprisingly) no help. I did some searching online and found others with the issue, but no one was able to solve the problem. I reached out to 2K support, and they wanted me to do a lot of nonsense like disable all the services running on my PC and turn off all the startup apps.

My suspicion was that the text I was seeing was placeholder text to be replaced later for localization purposes, and I figured that the correct text must be somewhere in the game files for it to read. So I figured that either the setting that tells the game where to find the file was messed up, or the localization file itself was corrupt. I did some digging and located a file in “C:\Users\<Your Username>\Documents\my games\SpecOps-TheLine\SRGame\Localization\INT\” called “SRGame.INT”. I opened it up and found that the contents were indeed corrupt. After deleting the file and launching the game, it created a new SRGame.INT file with the proper contents. Bingo, issue solved.

Hopefully this information will be of use to others.