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SOMA Release Date Almost Here


There are a bunch of great games coming out soon, however the one I am probably most looking forward to is SOMA. Its the next horror game from indie studio Frictional Games, creators of Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I absolutely love horror games, and in my opinion the developers over at Frictional Games are the kings of the genre. Take a look at 12 minutes of uncut gameplay footage:

Here are three quick bits of trivia about the video:

  • When the video starts we are about 1 hour into the game.
  • The protagonist is not an amnesiac. He has an established past, knows who he is, but isn’t at all sure about the situation he’s in.
  • There are lots more things to explore in this level than what’s shown in the video. For instance, you can avoid the robot attack completely by acting differently.

SOMA will be released on September 22nd.