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Got a Playstation 4

I got my Playstation 4 early thanks to Amazon. In addition, they are sending me a free game because I pre-ordered two from them. I feel sorry for anyone waiting outside tonight for their PS4. Amazon is pretty much always the way to go for pre-orders. I know this console generation has been really long, but it was only three years ago that I bought a PlayStation 3 (I have had my Xbox 360 much longer). It feels a bit weird getting another one so soon.

My PlayStation 4 is going to be used primarily for console exclusives, as anything multi-platform I will be picking up on the PC since the consoles are underpowered. Still, I expect it to get a lot of use as a media player once they add DLNA streaming back in.

As for if I will buy a Xbox One, that mostly depends on if they are going to be adding windows media center extender functionality. They made a calculated decision not to include it this time around, and I doubt enough people are going to complain to get them to add it back in. Plus, Microsoft has promised most of their first-party games (aka Console Exclusives) will be hitting the PC as well. Combine that with the fact that the Xbox One is $100 more expensive and less powerful and it makes it really easy for me to not get one.