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Stop Pre-Ordering Games

There are very few games that I ever pre-order, and when I do it is either because I am 99% certain the end product is going to be good or that I know even if its bad I have to play it. In either case, I also only pre-order for tangible benefits, such as getting $20 store credit. Pre-order bonuses such as skin and weapon packs just don’t do it for me at all. Too many people blindly pre-order games for no real good reason, and then end up getting screwed in the end. Just look at the recent release of the abysmal Aliens Colonial Marines that only did well because of pre-orders. People don’t seem to learn their lesson either, with Bioshock Infinite on the top selling games list on Steam a month before its release. This is a digital game guys, it cant possibly “sell out”. Although honestly I can only think of one or two instances ever where physical games were difficult to pick up on release date.

I think its time to let TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling explain why you shouldn’t pre-order games anymore: