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Aliens vs Marines (AVP) In CryEngine 3

The Aliens & AvP franchises has seen many games over the years, including Colonial Marines which is due out in February. However the first game holds a special place in many player’s hearts. I remember the game fondly as the first PC game I ever bought that required a dedicated graphics card, prompting me to make one of my first big purchases: a Voodoo 3 3,000. It was also one of the first games that I ever played online using the Mplayer service. As good as Colonial Marines looks, I am sure there are tons of people that would prefer to have a remake of the original game, and at least one person is (partially) making it happen.

The user “oldschool.Dave” of the forums posted a video of some of the work he has done to re-create the marines campaign from the original 1999 game. He has promised to post some more information later. For now, just check out this awesome video: