Deus Ex HD Texture Mod “New Vision” Released

The Deus Ex texture upgrade mod has been released just in time for fans to replay the game in anticipation of Deus Ex Human Revolution. The first Deus Ex is considered by many to be one of the best PC games ever created, so now would be a great time for fans to replay the game and for new players to discover why it is so great.

The “New Vision” mod replaces approximately 75% of the game’s textures with newer “high definition” versions. Why only 75%? Developer ‘DaveW’ explains, “The other 25% isn’t being redone, I don’t have the time. The 75% are the vast majority of textures, the rest are generally minor detail elements.”

The original Deus Ex can be picked up on steam for only a few dollars, so there is no excuse for not having played this classic. The New Vision mod can be found over at Mod DB