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Bite the Hand: Official Teaser

My good friend Dylan is working on a short film called “Bite the Hand.” He has put together a pretty talented group of people to make it happen, and all he needs is a few bucks to fund the project. He is currently accepting donations, or pre-orders if you want to think of it that way, for the film. Anyone who donates gets a signed copy of the DVD. Take a look at the teaser trailer and see if this is anything any of you would be interested in helping out:


This jagged, hard-boiled thriller is about an aging hit man named Jack (Paul R. Sieber) who one day grows a conscience and decides to quit his blood-drenched career. But old connections just won’t die. Jack rejects his final and most detestable assignment: Annihilate the wife and daughters of a monstrous, power-mad client (John C. Bailey). Now he’s a contract killer turned target by his former organization, and it’s boss: the mysterious Mr. Callahan.

Jack takes his quest for redemption a step further by knocking off the child-murdering, psychopathic replacement killer, Ken Bayowitz (Dan Mascarello, Lead Fight Choreographer) in a brutal, no-holds barred action sequence. Enraged by his old friend’s disobedience, Mr. Callahan hires a young former soldier to end Jack’s rebellion. Jack knows someone is coming, but he has no idea that the new recruit, Red (Jay Saunders) is a starving bloodhound sent straight from hell with nothing to lose.

Bite the Hand is a darkly intense, short drama centered on the theme of lost souls with nothing left to lose; killing for a living, and finally realizing there’s always a choice–even under the influence of the most tyrannical authority.

The film is intended for festival circulation, international distribution, and as a “pitch project” for future productions.

Donations are managed though the website IndieGoGo: