Tech 1

Laptop Screen Repair

So the mailman that comes to my work office was telling me about his son’s broken laptop. Apparently a friend of his son shot the screen with a BB gun, putting a huge crack down the screen. He told me that Toshiba wanted to charge him $400 to replace the screen. I told him I could do a lot better then that.

The hardest part about replacing the laptop’s screen was actually getting the replacement screen. The first site we ordered the replacement from canceled the order the next day and said the part was out of stock. The second site charged the credit card and said the screen was shipped, but after a week of waiting we called them up to find out that they were actually out of stock and never shipped anything else despite them charging the credit card. The third site we ordered from charged his card and shipped the screen, but never provided any tracking information. Emails to their customer support went unanswered, and the website didn’t offer a phone number. After twelve days of waiting nervously it finally arrived. It was shipped from Sweden via US Mail. The mailman delivered his own package to the office.

Replacing the screen only took about two hours. Since I was disassembling the top half of the laptop anyway, I decided to take apart the other half to clean it out with compressed air. After blowing all of the fans out, it was a simple matter to remove the old screen and replace it with the new one. At only $175 for the screen and $50 for my labor he had a working laptop again. That sure beats the $400 Toshiba was asking for out of warranty repairs.