Noobs Paradise is Back

Keisukesan revived the game server, and I got the website back online. Unfortunately, the old website went down without warning and the guy hosting it at the time didn’t think to back up the database. Luckily, I actually had a copy of the database from October 2010. So I took that and ported the theme and database over to a new content management system. The site was set up years ago on phpNuke. At the time that was probably perfectly reasonable, but that CMS has not been updated in years. So I figured if I was going to bring the site back, I might as well move it over to a phpNuke fork that still being developed. Hopefully the users will have no idea that the website has switched platforms, and the result should be a more stable and secure site. There might be a few issues that come up, so please give me feedback if you run into anything. I did do some testing before putting the site up, but there are some things you just wont find until you have more people using it.

You can visit the resurrected website at Update your bookmarks!