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Natural Selection 2 Beta Gameplay Trailer

Those of us who pre-ordered the special edition have had our hands on Natural Selection 2 for a while now. But the truth is that for most of the alpha phase, the game was unplayable online. However ever since the game hit beta a few weeks ago, the game has improved pretty rapidly. A number of netcode and engine optimizations have been applied, and the game in finally playable and actually pretty fun. The game is only going to get better from here, and the updates just keep on coming with weekly patches over steam.

With the game finally in a playable state and updates coming every week it is fitting that Unknown Worlds has finally released a gameplay trailer. If what you see looks fun, you can pre-order NS2 for $34.95 to get into the ongoing closed beta. You’ll receive a code to activate it on Steam. While the beta is updated frequently, there’s still no word on when the final version will be released.