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Ninite Easy PC Setup

I tend to build a lot of computers for friends and relatives. Anyone that does so often can tell you that the most time consuming part of building someone a new pc is not the hardware installation. If you know what you are doing it usually takes less then an hour to go from unboxing to booting. The real time waster is installing all of the apps that the user will need on a new computer. That is where Ninite comes in.

Ninite is a free web service that builds you hands-free installers for many of the applications you would typically install on a new computer. The website lists various programs under categories such as messaging and web browsers. You simply check off the ones that you would like, and Ninite will provide you with an installer that will automatically download and install all of the applications you selected with a single click. It is incredibly simple. Assuming you know what programs you want installed, anyone should be able to use the service.

You can take advantage of the service at