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Halo Reach Stat Sigs Update 2

I decided that I will open the stat signatures up for anyone to register for. As such, I have completely rewritten the signature generator to work with PHP and mySQL. The old code that used the .net framework and GDI+ has been burned and we are now running purely on PHP and the GD Graphics Library.

The core PHP code for generating the signatures and interfacing with the database is mostly finished and running. I am currently working on the web interface (both front and back end) as well as coming up with multiple designs for the signatures. Ultimately, I hope to be able to provide people a decent amount of choices as to how their signature will look. At the very least I would like to get a decent selection of backgrounds and a few options as to the layout and what stats will appear. Once I have that done, I will open this up for a pretty sizable amount of people. If all goes well, I will open it up to the rest of you.

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