Xbox Live Price Increase

Microsoft has announced that they are increasing the price of Xbox Live on November 1st. They have been consistently adding features to the service, and the price has been pretty low all of these years, however I am wondering what prompted the price increase. Perhaps they looked at what Sony was doing with PSN+ and felt that they could finally get away with charging more since PSN isn’t totally free anymore (although PSN has never offered anywhere near the level of service that Xbox Live Gold offers). Anyway, the price breakdown is below.

1M Gold:  $7.99
3M Gold:  $19.99
12M Gold:  $49.99
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold:  $9.99
3M Gold:  $24.99
12M Gold:  $59.99
1M Gold:  4.99 GBP
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold:  5.99 GBP
1M Gold:  $8.99 CAD
Starting Nov 1, 2010
1M Gold:  $9.99 CAD
12M Gold:  499 Pesos
Starting Nov 1, 2010
12M Gold:  599 Pesos

The price increase is pretty modest, especially if you buy in one year increments. Still, you might want to take advantage of the current discounted offer of $39.99 for one year and either renew or extend your current subscription. Want to know when your current subscription expires? Visit this page to find out.