World of Warcraft

So a few weeks back a friend of mine convinced me to play World of Warcraft again. I had given up on the game a few years ago after finding it extremely repetitive and time consuming. At the time, none of my friends were playing, so all I would do was solo quest by myself. However with the promise of someone to play with I decided to give the game a another shot. I started a new character on a new server. This time around it is a PvP server, which can be both a pain as well as make things more interesting. I have lost track of how many times I was killed by other players when I was low level, but the times that I fought back and won were sweet.

Leveling is a lot faster now then it was when I used to play. The first 40 levels flew by pretty quickly, which is great because that was the content that I had already experienced. The new dungeon finder and battleground finder are pretty cool. I never really knew how to find groups for dungeons or battlegrounds, so up until now I had never tried them before which is a shame considering that for me they are the most fun part of the game so far. With the dungeons, battlegrounds, and quicker leveling I am actually finding World of Warcraft fun for once. I went ahead and bought the Burning Crusade expansion since I am getting close to the point where I should be going to Outland. Lets see if The Burning Crusade can keep my attention until level 70.

You can follow my progress in World of Warcraft below: