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E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference

Initial reactions:

  • A new zelda game with Wii Motion Plus. It looks like it actually matters for the gameplay this time instead of just replacing button presses with waggle. Looks to be good for those of you who are still entertained by playing what is more or less the same exact game every couple of years. Not enough new to interest me.
  • I don’t understand Nintendo’s statement that the ultimate goal of entertainment should be to have universal appeal and to cross culture, age and gender when there are clear differences between them. Some of my favorite games and movies have been made for niche audiences. For example, System Shock 2 is a hard sci-fi horror first person shooter with a ton of RPG elements. Certainly not a game that appeals to everyone. However those same elements that limit it’s appeal are exactly the same elements that make me love it to death. I would hate to see what Nintendo would have done if they attempted to make it. No two people are exactly the same and everyone has their likes and dislikes. It seems Nintendo never really picks a group of people and commits to satisfying them. Maybe that’s why none of their games have really appealed to me all that much since they are trying to appeal to everyone at once. Just a thought.
  • Wii Party. Yet another Wii game with party in the title. I bet it will sell.
  • The Just Dance 2 game seems really pathetic now after watching the Microsoft Press Conference and realizing that its only tracking hand movements since you are holding the controller while the 360 dance game actually tracks your entire body: arms, legs, head, everything.
  • The Goldeneye Remake looks pretty cool. Glad to see they are updating the gameplay and changing the levels around a bit. As much as I loved it on the N64, I doubt it would have still held up today unchanged. I know some purists will hate it, but I am all for it. Although what is up with having Daniel Craig as Bond? That doesn’t seem right to me. I hope this is an early build and that the final game wont look like a budget title.
  • Its good to see Warren Spector as it has been a pretty long time. They said Epic Mickey was exclusive to Wii, but I have heard its not exclusive forever. Hopefully true as the game looks pretty good.
  • Metroid Other M looks pretty good. Hope it actually controls well.
  • I really don’t care about the 3DS at all. Just like 3D did not change anything with movies aside from make them look a bit nicer, it wont change games in any meaningful way. Personally I don’t really care, but I didn’t care about the DS or the Wii either and the both sold amazingly. So what do I know? Clearly nothing. Hopefully it comes with the fog machine though. That would be pretty awesome.
  • They said they updated the graphics on the 3DS, but Kid Icarus looked terrible.
  • Nintendogs has Cats now!!! What!!??!! NO WAY!!
  • Wow, that was a pretty boring press conference.
  • When are they going to stop messing around and make a real new Star Fox game? No the 3DS one does not count.