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Giantbomb “Famous Friends” Quest: The Most Important Man in the Video Game Industry

Giantbomb has create a somewhat cool quest system where you have to visit certain pages on the website to complete various quests. One of them, called Famous Friends, tasks you with visiting the profile pages of famous people in the game industry. The last question in the series was “He’s the most important man in the video game industry. No debate, he just is.”

Apparently it is Matt Atwood. What a bunch of crap. Way to put an inside joke from one episode of your podcast at the end of a series of legit questions. If this is going to be the trend for your “quest system”, I don’t think I will participate. I don’t mind legitimate challenges that test my game industry knowledge and deductive reasoning. I also don’t mind if you create quests full of inside jokes. What annoyed me was putting in time to figure out the other legit answers only to get stumped by the last fake one. I didn’t even know it was fake at first. I spent a good amount of time trying legitimate people. Please don’t waste my time again.

Since this quest is full of crap anyway, here are the rest of the answers:

Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Ed Boon, Richard Garriott, J Allard