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Aliens vs. Predator Updated and Re-Released

Rebellion has re-released the original Aliens vs. Predator on steam for $4.99. This was a fantastic first person shooter when it was released, and it is still a lot of fun today. This game was actually the first game that I bought that required 3d hardware acceleration, prompting me to buy my first graphics card (a Voodoo 3 3,000). If you have never played it before, or can’t wait for the new AvP game to come out, go pick up a copy on steam. It is well worth the price. The only negative so far is that the game did not ship with multiplayer, but that will be added in at a future date.

Initially the game will ship with the single-player mode only with a free patch that enables multiplayer following soon after. Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley said that Aliens vs. Predator’s budget price will reflect this, telling IGN “It’ll be very cheap – and it shows it’s age a little bit, but it is frightening and it is difficult. We will in due course fix up the multiplayer – and we’ll make sure it’s a free download.”

There are currently no plans to bring the game to Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network although this could change soon.

You can buy it on steam here.