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Find Something Better To Complain About

So, I see that Microsoft has released a new commercial for Xbox Live:

Personally, I think it is pretty well done and in line with all of the rest of their advertisements. So I check the comments for the video and find pages upon pages of people complaining that Microsoft used the “Little Big Planet Theme” in their commercial. I can somewhat understand the first few people posting that. It is completely possible that their only exposure to that song was from the LPB commercial. But it has been posted numerous times since then that the song, Get it Together by The Go! Team, has existed years before LBP and the Playstation 3 were around. And yet people are still complaining. How ignorant can you get?

Not only are they clueless as to how music licensing works, but its a ridiculous thing to complain about in the first place. These PS3 trolls must be desperate. They really need to go outside and find something better to do with their time then complain about something as trivial as the music selection in a Xbox Live commercial.

NeutralX2 said: If the first time any of you have heard this song was from a LBP commercial, then you seriously need to broaden your musical horizons.

I hear music from one commercial in other commercials all the time, whether it be for cars, food products, whatever. It happens all the time and is completely normal.

If you think there is something wrong with this, get over yourself. By that logic no commercial should ever license music from anyone. It should all be 100% original, used it that commercial alone and never heard of again. Get real.

And besides, this one is certainly better then their previous efforts: