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Getting Into Quake Live


During the past week, I have really started to get into Quake Live. I never got into Quake 3 back when it was new, and there has been a serious lack of good arena shooters in recent years. Games where fast reflexes and precision aim rule supreme are too few and far between as most online games now tend to be large scale and class based with vehicles. Of course I am not implying that this is a bad thing, but there is something to be said for a good old school shooter like Quake Live. So far I have been getting my butt kicked, but I can tell that I am improving daily. Plus, it seems that the more I play the better it has gotten at matching me with opponents of similar ability. The new community features like friends lists, stat tracking, and awards are also nice additions. If you have not checked out Quake Live yet, I highly suggest you do.

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