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StarCraft II: Battle Report 2


I have never really been a big RTS fan. I have played most of the Command and Conquer games as well as the original Starcraft, but I never took any of them online. I was always content with just playing the single player campaign missions as well as the occasional skirmishes with the AI. As a result, I have never been all that good at RTS games. A while back my roommate tried to get me into WarCraft III, but the slow pace made it hard for me to stay interested. However this video really makes me want to get into StarCraft II. The narration in the video is extremely interesting and really helped me understand what was going on as well as realize just how much strategy is really going on. This game seems to be exactly what I want from an RTS: fast paced with a lot of deep strategy. I know that once the game comes out and I jump online I am going to get schooled constantly, but I think that this could be a game that feel really rewarding once I get the hang of it. Perhaps I should think of StarCraft II the Tribes of RTS games: really hard to get into, but extremely satisfying once you start doing well.