UT3 Titan Pack Released


Well, Epic certainly knows how to support their games. It has been over a year since the game launched, and despite UT3 having a fairly low player count Epic Games has released a rather large update to the game. Hopefully this extra content will bring back some players that left and sell a few more copies. The game is really great, and I have no idea why it wasn’t more successful then it was. I can only speculate that it has something to do with the steep PC requirements (Crysis didn’t sell well either, and it came out around the same time). However, if you have a PC that can run UT3 then you really need to check this game out.

The Titan Pack includes:

  • Two new game types: Greed, a “tug of war” skull-toting team points battle, and Betrayal, a cutthroat style of play where alliances and teams can shift fluidly through a match.
  • The Titan Mutator, where you can become a 30 foot tall behemoth in any game mode.
  • Nineteen maps for Deathmatch, CTF, Vehicle CTF and Warfare modes, including 11 new maps plus eight popular maps from the first UT3 bonus pack and Xbox 360 version.
  • New vehicles and pickups, including the X-Ray field deployable, the link station deployable for vehicle repair, the slow field powerup, the Stealthbender vehicle, the Eradicator artillery piece, and the Stinger rail turret.
  • Client-side demo recording.
  • Revamped User Interface, including an improved server browser, improved server filtering options, all new advanced options menu, streamlined and polished the whole system.
  • Awards: Fifty-seven different awards mark your progress and mastery of UT3. Progress screen in the UI shows which awards you have earned, and your current progress on awards not yet completed.
  • Maplists and voting: New maplist system and mid-game voting support for gametypes and mutators as well as maps.

As well as a bunch of bug fixes.