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Get Quaked 3


After playing a bit of the Quake Live beta, I decided to post what is in my opinion the best Quake 3 video and one of the finest skill videos ever created. Get Quaked 3 features some amazing shots and great editing. You can really tell hours upon hours of work went into making this:

– – G e t Q u a k e d 3 – –

Director: Fei
Main Editers: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Audio: Fei and Etos
Twilight logo: JoKa
SP Logo-design: Jrb and mrks
Quake 3 Logo Modeled by: Jason “ValHallen” Brown
GQ3 Title text: Fu3l3d
Intro Editing: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Frag Section 1: Fei w/ major concepts by Wussie
Frag Section 2: Robo-K1ll
Credits: Fei