Xbox Live Marketplace Back Friday Sale

Like many stores, Xbox LIVE Marketplace is also having a Black Friday sales event. tarting this Friday at 6am ET/3am PT Gold Members located in the US can save select Marketplace Offers. Here is the complete list of items, including the discount and savings in MS Points:

TypeContent (click to purchase)Original PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscountSavings
ArcadeRez HD80050037.5%300
ArcadeArkadian Warriors80050037.5%300
ArcadeAssault Heroes40025037.5%150
ArcadeBrain Challenge80050037.5%300
ArcadeBoogie Bunnies80050037.5%300
ArcadeGolf: Tee It Up!80050037.5%300
PDLCGH3 Metallica “Death Magnetic” Full Album1440100030.6%440
PDLCForza – March Car Pack40025037.5%150
PDLCCrackdown – Getting Busy Bonus Pack80050037.5%300
PDLCRock Band All That Remains Pack 0144029034.1%150
PDLCLips – The Remedy (Jason Mraz)16010037.5%60
ThemeGears of War 2 – Last Day25018028.0%70
ThemeSonic Unleashed25018028.0%70
ThemeCastle Crashers Premium Theme25018028.0%70