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Welcome Back Xbox 360


I got my Xbox 360 back today. Or well, not really my 360 as it is a different one. And it’s obvious that it’s not a brand new console as there is a little bit of damage to the case. I played Halo 3 on it for about an hour and it works but the DVD drive seems a bit iffy. When I open the drive comes out fine at first but then slows down towards the end (something my original Xbox 360 didn’t do). Also, when I close the drive (with or without a cd) it makes a brief noise that almost sounds like grinding (also something my original Xbox 360 never did). I am going to use it a little more but I might end up talking to Xbox support about it. The last thing I want is for the repair warranty to run out and then the DVD drive break a little while later since as far as I know it would not be covered under the 3 year warranty.